Companies and individuals can support Mondriaanhuis financially as sponsor or friend of the museum. With your support Mondriaanhuis can convey the significance of Piet Mondriaan even better and keep his birthplace open to all who are interested.

Mondriaanhuis is part of the Foundation Amersfoort in C and has cultural ANBI status.

Friend of the Mondriaanhuis (€ 50,- per year)
As Friend of Mondriaanhuis you support the museum in realising its plans and ambitionsand you enhance the opportunities for holding expositions and organising activities.

As Friend you enjoy the following privileges:
Free admission for two people;
You receive an invitation for every opening of a new exhibition;
Discount on purchases in the museum shop;
You will be informed about the activities of the museum by digital newsletters;
Once a year you can book a private guided tour for two people.

Become a friend? Send an e-mail to Provide your name, address, phone number and indicate ‘Become a Friend’.  The secretariat will then contact you as soon as possible. After payment of your contribution you will receive a welcome gift and your Friend Card.

Benefactor of Mondriaanhuis (€1000,- per year)
With the help of Benefactors (well-off individuals and companies) Mondriaanhuis can finance research, publications and the production of exhibitions. As Benefactor you enjoy the following privileges:
Your name will be included in the special List of Benefactors;
The contribution of Benefactors is mentioned with related productions by Mondriaanhuis;
Free admission throughout the year;
30% discount on catalogues and publications issues by Mondriaanhuis;
Invitations for all openings, lectures and events of Mondriaanhuis.

Hall Partner of Mondriaanhuis (€ 3000,- per year)
Mondriaanhuis has Hall Partners who annually contribute to the exploitation of the museum. A long-term relationship is preferred. It is possible to be partner of various halls.

As Hall Partner you enjoy the following privileges:
Your name is displayed in the related hall of Mondriaanhuis,
Free catalogues issued by Mondriaanhuis,
Invitations for all openings by Mondriaanhuis,
Possibility of special guided tours through the museum and exhibitions,
Invitations for special evenings, lectures, events of Mondriaanhuis.
At the moment Mondriaanhuis is looking for new Hall Partners.

Main Sponsor of Mondriaanhuis (€25.000,- €50.000,- per year)
A Main Sponsor associates with a culturally and historically high quality and accessible exhibition programme, aimed at a wide audience. A long-term relationship is preferred.

As Main Sponsor you enjoy the following privileges:
Listing with logo in the Mondriaanhuis, leaflets, exhibitions, catalogues, press messages and on the website;
Free admission for staff showing a company card;
Invitations top all openings of Mondriaanhuis;
Invitations to special evenings, lectures and events of Mondriaanhuis;
Guided tours for the company;
Utilisation of Mondriaanhuis for company events;
Possibility to arrange for small company collection for internal use by staff.  

Fiscal Benefits under the Geefwet
Mondriaanhuis is part of the Foundation Amersfoort in C and has the Cultural ANBI status. For information on the subject, see here.

Since 1 January 2012, the new Geefwet allows additional fiscal benefits for individuals and companies who want to support cultural institutions for a number of years. A sponsor supports us with an annual amount and the Tax Office takes care of more than half of this!  For more information on the Geefwet you are welcome to contact Elly van Dijk, of Amersfoort-in-C, phone: 033-4603084 and e-mail:

For information on options for sponsoring Mondriaanhuis you can contact Paul Baltus (director), without any obligation.